About Us

CYBERTACKS Records is a division of:

Novaera srl
Strada Prov. Cesanense 199-201-203
61040 Castelvecchio (PU)
Tel: 0721 956055 – Fax: 0721 955805
P.I. : 01217670411
Nr. REA : 116216



mail: novaera@novaeraservizi.com


CYBERTRACKS Records is the name given by Novaera Ltd., formed by various composers, musicians and technical experts in the information technology and music field. Artists and experienced technicians who have chosen to develop and create new songs and sounds with a very exciting content. The passion for music and technology expertise combine to create one of the most important projects realised in the history of electronic music: an adventure involving more than 50 "sound artists" from around the world and more than 15 technical experts in the fields of digital audio and computer technology.


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